• Mar 16, 2020

— the nickname of a dog speaks for itself. The beauty with such unusual name was taken out from a shelter from the island of the same name where there is a shelter for the homeless and the thrown animals.

Kiprida together with the brother was quickly transported from the island because her further stay there to her and search of the owner did not give up hope.


Киприда — American Staffordshire the Unimaginable beauty with strong character and orientation to the person.

The girl really it is not simple yet, and all because she managed to endure a lot of things. Treachery of the former owners, sad lonely life of the thrown pet, others shelter, long moving to Moscow, but who told that it is not ready to new life? Once you look at her radiant eyes, right there heart is filled with warmth and good. The baby is worthy the best.

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