• Jan 16, 2020

at the beginning of June early in the morning in the city of Stockton (California) the four-apartment house on East Yorkshire Drive Street lit up.

It was Sunday and all residents still slept at home, but a pit bull terrier Sasha from Chaychand's family scented bad.

As reports to KTLA, Sasha began to run uneasily on the courtyard in which she slept, and be scraped at a door of its apartment.

She so strongly rustled that woke the hostess and when that opened for her a door, rushed in the apartment and began to run around the woman and to bark loudly.

"She behaved absolutely on the madman and it seemed to me it is very strange" — Nana Chaychanda tells — "Then I saw the dense black smoke going from the neighboring apartment".
the Woman ran to the bedroom of the 7-month-old daughter to seize her and to run out on the street, but Sasha was ahead of her.

 a dog, a dog, a pet, the child, the fire
"I did not manage to run into the room, and there was already Sasha and it dragged my daughter from the bedroom, having seized her by a diaper! At me inside everything stood, I stared in disbelief and repeated "That you do it?".
When the woman with the daughter and Sasha were on street, to the house in which yard naked flame was already visible, the fire truck already went. Though they managed to localize quickly the fire and to extinguish it, two apartments, including Nanna Chaychanda's housing, strongly burned out and now are unsuitable for accommodation.

Now the woman with the daughter and a dog temporarily live at the relatives. In an interview to journalists Nana told that she is incredibly touched by heroism of the dog and she is grateful to it for rescue. She also considers that this act of Sasha will show to many people what pit bull terriers actually and that they are beautiful pets, contrary to stereotypes about this breed.
 the girl, the woman, the child
"I am obliged by everything to Sasha. If it did not wake me, I at the time of a fire razgoraniye still would be in a bed and nobody knows, than it could end". >

Also it turned out i that Nana, повинуясь to some sixth sense, that night left a dog to spend the night in the yard though Sasha usually slept at home and in the yard for the night it was left very seldom. This strange accident also played a role as the fire began in the neighboring apartment and the dog would notice it later if was in the house.

At present causes of the fire are investigated and they are still not established.

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