• Mar 6, 2020
Working with

in the charitable organizations or being the volunteers, just not indifferent people saving lives hundreds of pets so there is a wish to make changes in the law. For example, to the people who at least once hurt or angrily animal to forbid to touch them, to get any living creatures.

To forbid to visit zoos, to forbid to go to the what museums, to sessions of cinema where the main characters are brothers smaller. Generally to exclude the right of such people to encroach somehow on defenseless beings. Moreover, to think what children the people who left for the disrespectful reason an animal in a shelter or at all left it to the mercy of fate can raise. Stories as at Aloes, set thinking on such amendments to the law even more often.

The stately metis of a staff or a pit bull terrier won not one heart. Its former owner with big pride showed a dog to the environment, was proud of a find, loved it. As at what moment changes in consciousness of people, it is difficult to foresee, but somehow animals get to a shelter from warm nourishing houses, the loving families, devoted owners. This phenomenon is inexplicable.


Именно so was with Aloes. It was betrayed twice! For the first time the owner said that he, allegedly, lost a dog. But it is impossible! Just because Aloes very family, devoted dog, watch closely the satellite, clever, are focused on the person, obedient. He just could not run away. For the second time refused it. And the dog with incredibly beautiful and unusual color remained again thrown.


Надежды on the fact that Aloes will find family is at all. The dog is perfectly trained. It very contact and house. Lived in family with three children, did not offend them and with pleasure looked after kids. It is accustomed to walking and behaves on the street quite approximately. Perfectly feels a lead, even at an active game is guided on the conductor.

Aloes — an ideal family dog. Despite treachery, all the same reaches for the person. The dog became again is weakened to smile on walk. He is ready to try to trust once again, it is heavy to it to be lonely.

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