• Feb 25, 2020

A call — so call our new hero. Strange happened to the kid. It was found still a puppy. Sheltered, washed up, fed, put in order and successfully beautiful and lovely kid was taken charge by the good-natured hostess. The woman had enough patience exactly for a year.

Volunteers only just ceased to worry as right there news like a bolt from the blue collapsed about the Call: the dog became homeless again. He alone and sadly roamed about small streets of the hometown as though there was no this year in his life. What happened to the kid — it is difficult to present.

the Exhausted young dog looked for monastery. It is unknown how many it would need to stretch in the cold hungry winter on the street if he was not met by passersby and did not bring to a local shelter. It is impossible to complain about the hostess. He was sheltered by the grandmother. And the hostess's relatives just threw out a dog, asking a question where to put it also to whom it is necessary now.

A sad story, but nothing can be done. Pleases in this situation inexhaustible vigorous temper of the Call. This dog of all infects with a positive around. It is very cheerful, playful, understanding. Will not allow anybody to miss therefore also a name at it same playful and easy. The call is completely healthy. The dog of the average size, a beautiful cream shade with clear clever looks around at the new house.

to It only 2.5 years. And this great time to train it in all those skills which will be acceptable for new owners. And the Call very much likes to study, communicate and develop. Will be a true friend who will never give in offense and will always lighten the mood!

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