• Jan 15, 2020

the Dog by nickname Valentin lives with the family in Argentite still since was a tiny puppy. Now he is thirteen years old, and he adores owners who give so many years it love and care, and literally follows them on heels where they went.

The hostess, Juli, says:

"It very loveful and careful. Always is somewhere near people and holds up the head or a tummy under tender hands. He perfectly knows our working hours and surely faithfully and will friendly sit at a door when someone comes into the house".

photo: Thedodo.com

When Valentin was about eight years old, to him presented several blankets which turned into its most valuable property. He constantly on them lay, and once, for fun, his family wrapped up him in one of them so that it became similar to big odeyalny shawarma. But Valentin so liked to it to be that he began to fall asleep so, and it turned into a daily ritual before going to bed.

Every evening Valentin's family wraps up it in a blanket and puts to bed, and he and sleeps till the morning. And recently it still began to take with itself(himself) the friend — a plush toy.

photo: Thedodo.com

Juli told:

"Once during rest in the USA we bought it a small orange plush fox, and he just adores her. And in the afternoon it takes out her and other toys to the yard and is just heated with them on the sun".

Now Valentin should be wrapped up for the night – at him just it will not turn out to fall asleep without warm blanket. And if nevertheless to forget to make it, then he will surely come to the bedroom to owners or will even get to them into a bed.

photo: Thedodo.com

"Sometimes, that our ritual of a zakutyvaniye absolutely takes off for a blanket from the head. Then it comes to us. I think, the blanket helps it to feel safe as though he is embraced. Therefore if there is no blanket, it comes for embraces to us".

So, every time when Valentin peacefully falls asleep, he always feels perfectly – darling, in safety and heat.

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