• Jan 15, 2020

Get acquainted, this is a dog by nickname the Elk! With his appearance it would be ideal for a role of the villain in the animated film.

Photo: sunnyskyz.com
Congenital deformation of the head and the jaw which is sticking out forward were the reason of a constant smile on a muzzle of a dog.
his hostess Jennifer says that though the Elk and looks as the ideal villain, at the same time he is just remarkable dog.

tells: "We took it still a little puppy and in process of growing began to notice that it looks not as other dogs. After the visit to the veterinarian, deformation of the head was confirmed. Between an eye at it camber, and eyes constantly hurt and sicken".

Photo: instagram.com/mooseboy16
the Elk already passed
through several operations which helped to improve a situation with eyes.
"At it strongly acts the lower jaw forward, top is deformed too. To all other, at it mow eyes, and attacks began to happen quite recently. We give it drugs which well help: a month of attacks was not".

Photo: instagram.com/mooseboy16
"It is the happiest dog in the world, and its features do not prevent it that to remain".

the Elk has own account in Instagram and a great number of admirers. But main thing: it has his tremendous smile which helps it to cope with any difficulties.

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