• Sep 20, 2019
This story which occurred in the small resort the Horde in Turkey does not leave doubts how strong communication is formed between people and their animals. When the dog with a ridiculous nickname of Zozo lost the favourite owner, his heart was broken forever. Now he comes to a grave of the darling and for hours longs for it there.

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was thrown when he was only a helpless one-week puppy. Then he also got acquainted with the person by the name of Zafer who became his support and grew up. Zafer brought little Zozo home, and they became the best friends in the world.

But in 2014 the man unexpectedly died, and it became strong blow for the loving dog. When the family Zafera for the first time visited him at the cemetery, they with own eyes saw how Zozo strongly suffers. The dog laid down glad on a grave and long whined. He mourned the left owner.

Since then the son and the grandson Zafera always take
Zozo with themselves at the cemetery. But the dog lacks it. There were several cases when he ran away from the house. Found it always in the same place — longing on the owner's grave.

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Family still is surprised to as far as Zozo betrayed and loving. The grandson Zafera admits that though at them there lived many dogs, he sees such behavior for the first time.
Here so friendship Zafera and Zozo proceeds through time and space.
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