• Jan 15, 2020

of Moore became the most faithful workmate in the world for the owner when was a little puppy.

It even supported him when he stood in mayors. Together they visited nursing homes, walked in the ranks of local parades and shook hands and paws with serious people in a city town hall.


Но, unfortunately, recently made to 11-year-old Moura the diagnosis – a blood cancer which cannot already be cured.

Paul, Moura's owner, promised himself that he will help the favourite everything, than will be able, and will fill her the last days with happiness.

For this reason in a break between procedures of chemotherapy it planned a travel of 13 thousand kilometers.

photo: facebook.com/paulherou

I in a month after made to Mouret this diagnosis, they went to a travel which lasted 2 weeks.

A tour included the different cities of America and also the Yellowstone national park in which Moura, by the way, noticed more than once wild bisons and deer.

The loving owner shared their travel on social networks where couple found support of many people from all planet.


Второго Paule and Moore's November at last reached a final point of the tour – the place in Canada where Moura once was born. There they got acquainted with her relatives and met the manufacturer who presented to Paul of his best friend.

Having a little stayed in the beautifull place, Moura and Paul came back home where Moura right there took the favourite place in the middle of a warm soft bed.



Nobody knows how many still Paul will be able to enjoy the company of the favourite, but that is known precisely, so is that this remained time will be special and unforgettable.

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