• Jan 16, 2020
Samoyeds are known to

for the magnificent white fur therefore when the man from South Korea noticed that one such dog on the street was almost bald, he understood that an animal in a trouble. Only thanks to its determination and not indifference the dog is still alive!

The man stopped the owner of a dog and suggested it to give a dog who needed medical care because of disease state of her skin.

After the owner ignored a remark of the passerby, that threatened that he will report to the authorities about animal abuse which obviously here was present. Then the owner of a dog gave up.

"The dog was obviously very sick, and the situation developed very serious" — Ek Park, the founder of Free Korean Dogs told. This organization saves dogs from South Korea and helps them to be restored already in North America.

As soon as the man took away Dong Gene (so called a doggie), it carried it to clinic of the emergency veterinary at once, hoping that the dog will be helped here. But even they did not give any guarantees!

Later veterinarians found out that unfortunate underate long time. Within many months the dog did not receive some normal food at all! The dong Gene plainly could not stand and furthermore to go …

The veterinarian Park added: "His body and bodies refuse to work therefore we do not know whether he will be able to take out though some treatment".

But, despite serious condition, veterinarians continued to fight for recovery Dong Gene. Only thanks to their efforts the dog was gradually restored! She gained weight and even its fur completely grew.

By the way, with it it looks absolutely in a different way!)

"In four months we already saw a big difference. And after six it began to look as an ordinary well-groomed dog as if nothing bad was!" — told the
Park As soon as the dog could leave clinic, it was defined in family in a private shelter of the country. It made an animal by the happiest creation! It seemed that more Dong Gene nothing is necessary for joyful life.)
Now around a dog the great number of other dogs lived, and he very much liked to be near them. He was happy because he knew that he is in the safe place now.)

Then Park published a photo fluffy Dong Gene which looked just remarkably now! In reality the dog weighs 14 kg, but dense fur adds his appearance about 5 more kg.

Many people handled in a shelter desire to accept this handsome, but it was lucky only one family — Canadians from Vancouver.

Park felt that these people will be able to give to a dog the better life on which she deserves: "They had a beautiful house and the backyard. Mother is the writer working at home therefore the dog will never alone not feel".
 a dog, a dog, the Samoyed the dog was delivered to

In September, 2017 to Vancouver where it met the new family.

"Now he is completely happy. He so loves people! It very lovely and gentle. It is improbable. When I see photos Dong Gene, running on a grass, I become happier" — Park told.

And this wonderful transformation began with unindifference of one passerby who decided not to stand aside.

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