• Jan 15, 2020

Chantelle Grant and her husband always had an opportunity to admire the wild ducks living in the neighbourhood. And if they left opened a back door, ducks, probably, would look on a visit. If Chantelle saw that someone from ducks got into trouble, it at once came to the rescue.

Soon she became known as the savior of ducks, but never thought that she will become "duck mother" — yet did not meet Petunyyu.

Once the duck laid eggs in bushes near the house of Grants, and Chanel in delight watched how ducklings hatched and as they run near the house. But once, having come home, she found out that all family disappeared, and there was only one egg.

When from this egg the duckling hatched, Chantelle ran all over all to the district, trying to find mother duck and to return her the child. Alas, the duck family was not anywhere.

"I called the local center of conservation and asked whether they can help a duckling" — Chantelle Grant told. – But they told that as wild ducks – an invasive look, they will lull the kid. But as it is possible to act this way with a duck! I would never allow to make nothing similar".

The same minute Chantelle Grant decided to admit a duckling to family and named Petunya.

 the Saved duckling on the photo keyboard

Photo : thedodo.com

From the first day Petunya felt in family of Grants as at home. It has own bedroom on which door the plate hangs: "Carefully! Sentry duck!" She adores running or flying near the house, is on friendly terms with parrots of macaw (in spite of the fact that they hate each other, both love Petunyyu) and with pleasure sits on a sofa near "adoptive parents". The main thing – is constant to be near those whom she loves.

 the Saved duckling of a photo

Photo: of thedodo. com

Chantelle Grant works in law firm, and sometimes Petunya goes with it for work. Probably, it is the only duck who works in law firm, but all employees very much like to communicate with it. If Petunye it is necessary to stay at home, she patiently waits for return of "mother" and when that, at last, opens a door, it is waited by warm welcome.

Petunya meets "mother" as a dog, running circles and making joyful sounds. It cannot just refrain from manifestations of delight when her darling comes, and it looks so lovely!

"She every time so rejoices when we come home, waves a tail and awfully loves attention!" — Chantelle Grant says.

 the Saved duck in the house of a photo

Photo: thedodo. com

When all family, at last, assembled, Petunya takes a bath (one of her hobbies), and then takes a place of honor on a sofa and waits for hugs. Petunya, of course, not absolutely ordinary pet, but she really loves the family, and the family adores it too.

"It is always amusing to watch reaction of people when I say to them that at our place there lives a duck, but for us she is a family member, and I cannot present the life without it," — Chantelle told.

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