• Apr 17, 2020

of the Little and beautiful dog of breed the French bulldog was just adored by all family! His mischief, playful character, inquisitive mind, infinite tenderness and devotion — those qualities which appreciated the kid. But at some point household burdens absorbed family of a bulldog.

To walk an animal it appeared very difficult. Members of household disposed of the personal time differently, and the pet was to the decision to release on the street to walk independently. Budulai walked so day, walked two, three, four days. Weeks followed weeks. The door opens — the dog rushes on the street. After walk gives identification marks owners — and here it happy again at home. But once, having made a sound about return home, Budulayu did not open a door. He thought "well, for certain, are busy with something, I will wait a couple of minutes". Budulai began to whimper again, accurately pressed a door, but again silence.


Бульдог stayed at a door until the end of day, but nobody to it left. Owners did not leave and next day, both in a week, and in a month. So the Frenchman was left forever without house. Its walk appeared as an obrecheniye to death: it was just left to the mercy of fate. The dog one on the street will survive or not – did not interest anybody.

From bitterness and offense he grew weak, but could not do anything with it. To wait for an instinct to the last the family everything did not pass in any way. Budulai obediently and with huge hope in heart stayed at home at an entrance for day, months. All yard knew that this dog once was a member of a close-knit poryadny model family. And now it here and so publicly is thrown by all.

Everything, passing by a dog, it is desperate shrugged shoulders, but nobody wanted to help. Once it was noticed by the woman. She felt insufferably sorry for a bulldog. She could not help, take him to herself, but reported about its trouble to several local communities. Information about a bulldog scattered on social networks. Hundreds of people were distressed before indifference of the former family of the Frenchman, publicly felt sorry for a dog, eloquent comments felt for it sympathy and support, but nobody really helped it.


Перипетии proceeded some time, the city excited, but as a result there was, at last, an adequate person in this city, likely, only which, having seen a post about unfortunate, went and took away it on overexposure. The tender, bright, domestic, quiet dog looks for new family. Despite treachery, he forgave former owners. His wise kind generous heart is ready to fall in love again, to give everything that the Frenchman has, to be the best friend. Here he would would be lucky!

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