• Jan 15, 2020

to make proposal special and unforgettable, real men go on the most surprising and original acts!

Maurice, for example, took away the girl, Laura whom many years, on mountain top near their house meet. There they were met by group which sang for them the most favourite songs, but there was something else!

To make the moment even more unforgettable, Maurice organized the whole meeting from 16 remarkable dogs who the first congratulated couple on an engagement.

photo: iheartdogs.com

Everything began very simply and did not cause any suspicions in Laura until she saw a path of their petals of roses. Maurice just suggested it to walk on the park, and after to meet friends.

When it became clear that something here not so, and walk not so usual, Laura even burst into tears with happiness and surprise.

photo: iheartdogs.com

And here Maurice already faces it on one knee, the chapel sings the song, Laura – in the seventh heaven as suddenly …

Sixteen different, but very friendly dogs ran out towards to them. They ran up to happy couple and in turn got acquainted with them as though congratulating on absolutely new stage in life.

photo: iheartdogs.com

Fortunately, Maurice organized also a fotossesiya by means of the familiar photographer. Thanks to it, everything was imprinted in photos and will remind of this touching moment for a long time!

Laura was so busy with everything that occurred around her that even forgot to put on a ring a ring finger.

Maurice in love very much tried to organize an engagement and asked "the exorcist of dogs" who helped to bring together the big company of pets of the clients and friends about service of the acquaintance. And there was an offer first in the history to participation of such quantity of dogs.

photo: iheartdogs.com

Laura tells:

"Frankly speaking, I do not know that else it is possible to make that it could be better than lovely dogs. For me it was the most remarkable moment in my life – simply suddenly once again to realize that you have someone who so well knows how to make you happy".

photo: iheartdogs.com

The wedding will be held in the fall of 2019 or in the spring 2020, couple was not defined yet. But when it occurred, for certain during the holiday there will be a place to friendly tails too!

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