• Nov 11, 2019

Our world is divided into two groups: fans of big dogs or small. Of course, any dogs are remarkable, but everyone has preferences when it comes about the pet's size.

If you gave preference to big breed, then you for certain already experienced on yourself specifics of such dog in the house and agree with many facts about them:

1. Once tiny, they quickly become giants .

The word "quickly" even diminishes the speed of their growth a little. Here only the kid puppy peacefully slept in legs, and here he already occupies a floor of your bed.

, a dog, a dog with the owner, a dog on a sofa, a dog on a sofa
photo: iheartdogs.com

2. Danger to a table.

For dogs highly of growth the table, of course, is not something unattainable at all. Periodically they can accidentally sweep away from it something a tail.

3. Eternal comparisons with dogs in movies.

Skubi-du or Marmadyuk, associations of people with big dogs are not strongly various.

 Marmadyuk, movie, dog Marmadyuk, mastiff
photo: iheartdogs.com

4. Big dogs = there is a lot of movement. Or nevertheless not?

Here it is possible to argue, everything depends more on breed and its specific features, than on the sizes. For example, mastiffs initially were security guards and long sat in one place, expecting the violator. Therefore not all big dogs need very long walks and physical activities.

5. Bear hugs.

It, probably, the best in big dogs. They are able to embrace professionally. But also here they can make a slip, for example, not to calculate that they weigh more, than you, and unintentionally to try to crush you, having sat on knees.

 embraces, hugs, the dog, a dog embraces, a white dog
photo: iheartdogs.com

6. Food – article of considerable expenses.

Without it – big breeds are eaten more anywhere, than small. the 10-kilogram bag of dog food here long will not stretch.

7. On the street more than one bag can be necessary.

What to hide here? The dog –&gt is more; it is more than food –> it is more than activity waste. It is better to take several bags for cleaning on the street at once not to get into an awkward situation.

 a lead, a dog on a lead, combative breed
photo: iheartdogs.com

8. Who whom walks?

Of course, without training it is almost impossible to get on and walk with a big dog. But, even in case your favourite obedient, all of you equally are not always insured from a spontaneous pursuit.

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