• Sep 27, 2019
After moving to other house, very much was required for newly made parents the help therefore they employed to the newborn baby by the name of Fynn the nurse.

However several months later the dog of family, Cillian, suddenly took a dislike to it. He growled and every time when it approached the kid barked. The family did not disregard such change in behavior of a dog.

"Cillian never just like that shows aggression therefore it was the alarming sign".

Suspecting something wrong, Fynn's parents hid the camera which wrote down the nurse and the kid for 8 hours in the nursery. Having seen record later, the family was frightened.
"Our son cried seven and a half hours almost without stopping. She used on it foul language, called awful words, just like that, without the reason. It for hours was one in the room".
Judging by sounds on video, it splashed and shook it.
Photo: smalljoys.tv
Having complained of the nurse, the family carried the case in court. Now the woman is threatened by 3 years of imprisonment. And all thanks to not indifferent dog who warned family about the horrors occurring in their house.
Photo: smalljoys.tv
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