• Jan 15, 2020

Few weeks ago Olena went by the crowded New York subway and thumbed through updates in Facebook. Then she also came across record about a pit bull terrier with very sad eyes. He was in one of city shelters, and very soon he has to be lulled.

Olena tells:

"Usually I just as soon as possible glance over similar records. To me it is sad to look at them, even if I also would like to help, then I cannot just make it: you will not help all. But this record all did not go at me out of the mind".

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of the Pit bull terrier about whom there was a speech Smiley, and about is mute wrote as about very friendly and sociable. The only reason for which it was handed over in a shelter — owners decided to bring the child. To it there was no place in the house any more.

Olena to tears got agitated when saw that under record there is no comment from volunteers who could take away to themselves Smiley. And, when she told the husband why she cries, his answer was: "We cannot get a dog now in any way".

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But, having a little talked and having weighed all pros and cons, Olena nevertheless persuaded the husband to take Smiley at least on temporary overexposure. They right there contacted a shelter and proposed the candidacy.

In several days after the dog was castrated, a little constraining and strongly worrying Smiley crossed a threshold of the new temporary house.

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Olena remembers that he could not look her in the face and did not react neither to various teams, nor to own name. But at once it was clear that he really knows how to behave in the house: he steered clear of beds and did not gnaw anything, except the toys. But nevertheless during the whole day he could not feel on the place in any way and still avoided visual contact.

The first walks with it were test for Olena. Smiley strongly pulled a lead, that burned to Olena hands, and she came home absolutely out of breath.

But it became slowly simpler and simpler. Smiley relaxed, calmed down over time and proved to be the present – loving and gentle.

"In one of Saturdays he slept near us in the bedroom, on the laying as we needed to make sure that he will not lick seams from castration. That night he slept like the dead, waved a tail and, at last, began to look to us in the face and to react to the name. Did not depart from us all night long anywhere, only turned over with a side sideways".

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It became much easier to walk from Smiley. According to the recommendation of a shelter they bought it breast-bands, and still learned more about different technicians of a vygulivaniye of dogs. And at last, having irrevocably fallen in love with Smiley, the family plans to take away nevertheless him to itself forever.

"It became an integral part of family. It is absolutely easy to fall in love with a dog on overexposure, believe. Without it our house strongly would become empty"

It is just improbable that Smiley here so lost the house because of plans for the child's birth. But all to the best — this sad story helped it to appear with the real loving hands and in the real cozy house.

photo: thedodo.com

Editorial opinion:

Unfortunately, cases when refuse dogs because of the child's birth, are not rare. As a rule, it is connected with the fact that owners have no opportunity (or desires) it is correct to prepare a dog for appearance of the newborn. But it is not difficult to make at all – it is only necessary to begin beforehand!

you can read On our website how to prepare a dog for emergence in family of the child.

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