• Jan 15, 2020
This remarkable kind letter with gratitude to a shelter the family from Baltim wrote to

of a shouting which took itself home a 18-year-old cat who was hit by the car. And it really is worth of reading.

"Expensive shelter!

Chester got to you after it was found the city wandering on vicinities absolutely alone. He came directly to the road and laid down in front of car of one woman. It raised slightly live body from the earth and brought it to you. None of those who heard its history that evening remained indifferent — everyone sadly thought what Chester, has to be, came to the road in the last attempt to be given.

We with family came to you the next evening to leave donations, and heard as someone spoke about a 18-year-old cat. I asked whether it is possible to look at it. And when we saw each other, between us something clicked. Chester was in an awful state. It had an infection of airways, he constantly sneezed, was very bony, places without wool, with scars on a muzzle. We with the husband decided that we will take him home as "hospice" because of his age and an unstable state.

We took away it to allow Chester to feel house in the last or for the first time.

We the truth then even could not think that it will stay with us more than week. But here we celebrated his 20th birthday … and then the 21st … and then the 22nd.

photo: www.sunnyskyz.com

A between these dates Chester with pleasure fell down under New Year trees, nearly an every evening was heated at the son in a bed and began to collect the whole collection of small warm T-shirts and sweaters to heat the old stones. He skillfully stole popcorn from plates while we watched movies, and appropriated a laying of our 30-kilogram dog.

Chester chased toy mice, became office assistant when someone turned on the laptop, and every day taught us to the fact that the love is the best medicine.

Chester had only three weeks up to 23 third anniversaries when we found it with pleasure sleeping last Saturday, left on a rainbow. Though we once also took it to be the way out, we will be always infinitely grateful for all that love which he presented us when he decided to spend with us these unexpected 1640 days.

of a photo: www.sunnyskyz.com

In the house is a little more silent now, the huge dog laying is empty, the new tiny t-shirt with Donald Duck lies unworn, and our hearts are irrevocably broken, but if there was such opportunity, we would repeat everything again.

We thank you for the fact that gave us the chance to present to Chester the house and to admit it to our family. I hope that the decision to take myself a cat will be more senior from now on to accept also other families. For these five years Chester gave us much more, than we expected when for the first time it was met.

With love, family Garner".

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