• Jan 10, 2020

The fear of spiders and snakes is congenital and appeared owing to evolution of the person. The scientist Stefanie Hoehl and his colleagues from Institute of cognitive and brain researches of Max Planck in Germany and faculty of psychology of the University of Vienna in Austria came to such conclusion. Experts conducted a research with participation of 16 children aged to 6 months.

They serially showed to children of the photo with flowers, fishes, spiders and snakes. When children looked at spiders and snakes, their pupils extended much stronger than when they saw fishes and flowers. It indicates that children are afraid of spiders and snakes.

of the Photo: medicalnewstoday.com

"In the conditions of constant lighting change of the size of pupils is an important signal for activation of a noradrenergichesky system in a brain which is responsible for stressful reactions. This obviously inherited stressful reaction in turn contributes us to consider these animals dangerous or disgusting", - it is noted in a research.

At the same time in the same place it is added that earlier the fear of spiders and snakes was explained by other reasons. In particular was considered that we are afraid of spiders because of traumatic children's experience or phobias of own parents. In general the congenital fear allows to react quicker and more unambiguously to spiders and snakes that reduces their danger.

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