• Jan 23, 2020

to the First-ever cloned cat executed 18 years. The celebration took place in Texas where CC (The Copy Cat) lives in family Kraemer – scientists who cloned an animal.

In comparison with the first years of life now journalists do not show to a cat of former interest. And meanwhile the fact that CC lived so long already in itself is a sensation. All the known Dolly the sheep – the first cloned mammal – died in 6 years.

Not only became CC the long-liver, but also tried on on herself a role of mother, having given birth to four kittens in 2006. Three drove out of them: Tim, Zip and Tess live in one house with mother now.

The birth of CC was not so cloudless as her subsequent life. The animal managed to be reproduced only after 188 attempts and creation of 82 cloned embryos. However scientists after all won. Thanks to their efforts the first cat clone of The Copy Cat was born on December 22, 2001

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