• Jan 16, 2020
arrived by Ricardo Lazo's

to Russia from Lima on the FIFA World Cup. In Sochi a day before departure home the 32-year-old businessman met not purebred puppy. The dog so was pleasant to the Peruvian that he decided to take away her to himself.

But as reports russian.rt.com, at once Lazo could not leave with the new alumna because of the international rules of transportation of animals. He carried a mongrel to the veterinarian and paid overexposure in a shelter.

Now Ricardo and Businka — as her were called in a vetklinik — divide 13,000 km. RT looks for the volunteer planning a trip from Moscow in Lim who could transport a puppy to the new owner.

 the dog, a dog, to a feather, is required the help

Accidental acquaintance

Ricardo Lazo arrived to Russia from the capital of Peru of Lima to support the national team on the FIFA World Cup. In a match of the third round of a group stage Peruvians played Sochi with the national team of Australia, and exactly here the fan arrived together with friends and the girl.

The national team of Peru won a match with the score 2:0. And when that evening happy fans returned to hotel in Adler as Ricardo tells, they saw the little limping dog who appeared as if from nowhere in a corridor.

" it it became a pity to me, I decided to caress it. As soon as it appeared at me on hands, I understood that I cannot just leave it. Could not throw it one there" — the Peruvian told.

Then still the anonymous puppy spent the night in the hotel room together with Ricardo and did not move a step from it.

 a dog, a dog, a pet

to friends needed to hurry in the Morning on the train to the airport in Krasnodar, there they were waited by the plane to Istanbul. From Turkey Peruvians had to fly home in Lim. In spite of the fact that before departure there was not enough time, Lazo found for a dog at first a shelter, and then and veterinary clinic. Ricardo personally communicated to the doctor to whom he transferred a puppy though, by his recognition to speak was difficult: the veterinarian did not speak English.

"I decided to correspond with the doctor in the online translator in my phone. Specified at it whether it is possible to leave a puppy in clinic for several days — Ricardo RT told. — I so wanted to take away a dog with myself! The doctor by the name of Sasha told that he, of course, will take care of her. But are necessary an inoculation that to it allowed to fly by plane".

Ricardo left a dog with the veterinarian, paid overexposure that after treatment the homeless animal was not on street again. Already then the man understood that he very much wants to take away a puppy in Peru.

Provisional asylum

The veterinarian defined that Ricardo's dog the girl and it about half a year — milk teeth at it already dropped out, and radical still grow. The puppy limped on a hinder leg because of a change. The doctor made to a dog X-ray and was convinced that the bone will grow together normally.

In clinic to the patient gave injections including from rage, processed wool that there were no parasites. After all necessary procedures the veterinarian transferred a dog to volunteers of a shelter. There the mongrel received the first name — the Bead.

"You it then would see, such small, lovely, ears in different directions! — the director of a shelter Nadezhda Mayboroda tells. — Still it has specks on a nose. Perhaps, as because of them so decided to call".

 dog, dog, pet

Volunteers long guessed what breed there were parents of the Bead. It was decided what in it is a little from a dachshund — because of mobility and the small sizes. In a shelter the dog became at once the favourite because it has very playful and sweet temper. Now it has own open-air cage. Gradually she got used to the neighbourhood of a large number of dogs. In the Sochi shelter there live nearly 290 dogs.

according to Nadezhda, after return in Lim Lazo regularly contacts her and volunteers via WhatsApp and is interested in health of the Bead. He tenderly calls it "my girl". The Peruvian did not choose a name yet for the favourite as he reflects what will suit her more.

"I think, it will have the Russian name — in memory of the country where I found it" — Ricardo notes.

Long way home

very much it was pleasant to the Peruvian in Russia, and he is delighted with the World Cup. Ricardo managed to visit Moscow, Saransk and Sochi. The only thing that complicated a travel a little — locals who badly speak English. But he solved this problem with the help of the smartphone — installed himself the online translator.

"Me at you very much it was pleasant to ! Food is tasty, people kind and sympathetic — the Peruvian shared. — I will separately note the excellent organization of the FIFA World Cup. Well and of course, soccer. Just improbable emotions".

pleasantly surprised the Fan how quickly with Sochi helped the Bead and defined it in a shelter. According to Ricardo, on his homeland the situation with vagrant animals is much worse. It is more and more stray dogs and cats on streets, and many shelters are crowded.

Peruvians sometimes select the thrown animals. In due time also Ricardo acted this way: he already has a dog. The businessman is sure that his pet and the Bead will surely get on.

 the dog, a dog, a pet, is required the help

" I find out how it is possible to transport my girl in Lim — Lazo says. — The shelter promised to help with inoculations and documents for flight. It is necessary to count trip cost. I even think specially to fly to Russia that it was put with me in the plane and I could be convinced that is with it everything is all right".

The meeting with the Bead inspired Ricardo on one more serious step. The man dreams to create fund of the help to homeless animals and to organize a big shelter. He says that a story with the Bead will become a peculiar starting point, an emblem and "business card" of a shelter in social networks, will help to inspire not indifferent people to help animals.

" I consider that each animal deserves love and care. Therefore if I am able to become the person who accepted in a shelter at least a part of dogs and cats from streets of Lima, I will make it from the heart" — Lazo notes.

RT suggests to help the Bead to reunite with the new owner. If suddenly you or your acquaintances plan a travel in Lim in the next month, write to us, please, on FromSochitoLima@rttv.ru


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