• Jan 22, 2020

about animal, it is much more sad stories, than happy. And from it each case of wonderful rescue four-footed becomes worth its weight in gold.

today we want to share

I a strange story how the brave girl, the participant of group of the help to the French bulldogs, saved two puppies.

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Once the girl by the name of Anna learned that somewhere "in the remote place" give puppies of the French bulldog for a symbolical payment, almost free of charge. In photos it was possible to see healthy and strong dogs, but the confused story by the manufacturer confused the girl a little. However without paying attention to the doubts which arose in soul, Anna went for a canine friend.

Having appeared on the place, the girl was convinced that her intuition did not fail: instead of the puppies radiating with health, she saw the thin and sick kids living in the basement.

What was seen so strongly threw Anna in shock that it was solved on extreme measures: redeemed two weakest puppies to cure them and to give the chance to live happy life.

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the Forthcoming difficulties did not frighten the girl, and she with two remains went home where it was waited by the small child. For all that time during which Anna looked after kids she never complained, did not refuse them and did not ask the help for volunteers though there is a lot of problems.

during cohabitation one buldozhka was especially fallen in love to Anna, and she decided to leave it, having called Richie. And here the second puppy, Antoshka when state of his health relatively was stabilized, moved off in searches of the house.

the Following place of its dwelling became overexposure at the woman by the name of Svetlana who is also the participant of group of the help. It is possible to claim safely that Svetlana became the real God mother Antoshki: day and night she saw off near it, fed, gave drugs, removed excrement (because of long accommodation in the cellar, the kid was not accustomed to the correct walking).

of Persons interested to become the owner for a buldozhka was a set, but problems with health and a toilet chopped off all desire to take away a dog on a root.

I only one family so strongly liked Antoshka that no difficulties could frighten them. Their meeting with a buldozhka was very touching: the kid as if understood that he at last found the people, and on a step did not depart from married couple. Soon he went to the loving house.

 grass, field, bulldog, breast-band, lead, French bulldog, dog, dogфото:instagram.com/frenchbull_help

Here so thanks to bravery of one fragile girl, two bulldogs found own dog happiness.

Is possible if all of us reject the fears and doubts aside, we will manage to save someone's life too?

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