• Jan 24, 2020

Approaching a shelter for work early in the morning, his head found carrying near an entrance. Bright pink, she was killed with snow almost completely from within.

He tells

: "I then thought that there cannot just be a cat. And when undertook carrying, noticed the ear which is sticking out from under snow".

 carrying, carrying with a cat, snow, winter photo: people.com

right there moved Carrying in the warm room that a cat who was called later Uinter it was possible to warm and help. Even after the whole night in an ice imprisonment, Uinter remained gentle and tender and with sincere pleasure reached for workers of a shelter.

Now it in heat and safety, and it help to overcome fleas who caused the strongest allergic reaction.

If Uinter found at several o'clock later, its fate would be absolutely in a different way.

Employees are sure that it was left on the street by owners to whom it was not necessary any more. And snow brought carrying when on the road the snowplow passed.

 a cat, a cat in carrying, carrying, winter, snow photo: people.com

For now Uinter recovers, the shelter declared search of the person who threw a cat in such conditions. It is threatened by punishment for animals abuse, and the one who will provide information on the criminal needs financial remuneration.

Unfortunately, is not the first case when animals are left on the street during cold weather. Literally some days before incident with Uinter, about the same shelter found one more cat. She was without carrying, with the pads which froze to the earth.

After a while when Uinter is restored, it will begin to look for the responsible and loving hands.

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