• Jan 13, 2020

The German shepherd by nickname Lucie woke the hostess when understood that her husband in a dream had a heart attack. At first the owner of a dog Mary Lynn understood nothing – the dog who woke her strange behaved and tried to pay her attention to the husband sleeping near it.

Having seen its state, Mary guessed that to it it is bad, and quickly called the ambulance. Doctors arrived quickly and diagnosed heart attack for the man. The victim managed to be reanimated – he survived.

This case took place in the town of Shakopee, the State of Minnesota, the USA. The spouse of the victim works as the police officer. A month later after the incident, on the eve of new year, the colleague Mary Leann organized a party for Lucie.

Presented it a lot of tasty food, attention and care. So they thanked a dog for a heroic and unusual act. Thanks to it Lucie became the real celebrity in the native town.

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