• May 21, 2018


On May 19 there was a solemn event for the royal family: the wedding of the American telestar the Megane Markl and prince Harry – the sixth applicant for a throne was held. The wedding – a significant event not only for the royal person, it assumes a white dress, a black dress coat, a ceremony, the invited guests (what on a celebration there were more than 2.5 thousand) and, of course, gifts.

Newlyweds asked all who want to give them a gift, to transfer funds into the account of one of charitable projects.

But it is obvious that without surprises the royal family will not remain. The Polish activists from Qtwarte Klatki association will present a gift to the newly made duchess in acknowledgement of refusal of natural fur. The emerald-green cape in style folk executed by the designer Larissa Annetta Knapp.

"The Megane Markl will become the first member of the British royal family who does not support use of natural fur - it is a huge victory over the fur industry and the sign of confidence of what future trend – the fashion of compassion", − tells Kyorsti Anderson, the director of public relations of the Polish association "Qtwarte Klatki".

"Effect the Megane Markl" was not so long ago recognized by the international fashion house Burberry which decided to refuse use of natural fur in collections.

About other fashion houses which made the decision to refuse from use of natural fur .


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