• Sep 20, 2019

13 years ago Erin Merrin accidentally on the street saw a red kitten. The girl took him on hands and did not release any more. It was the love!

There passed more than 10 years, and a cat by the name of Bailey still with her. She became the guardian angel for children Erin, and with the 4-year-old daughter Abbie at a koteyka surprising communication.

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of the Photo: instagram.com/bailey_no_ordinary_cat/

Встреча with a red kitten

Erin got acquainted with Bailey when she was a student, there was it in the campus. Bailey's baby jumped on hands to the girl and did not climb up.

"I became attached to a kitten and hid him in the room in the hostel" — the hostess remembers.

But a kitten after all found. And Erin appeared before the choice … Parents did not take a cat therefore Erin did not know what to do. But the way out was found: the 80-year-old lonely old woman agreed to look after Bailey.

But relationship between a kitten and the elderly woman did not develop. And Erin after all brought Bailey to parents, mother allowed to leave a koteyka.

Wonderful love story

Four years ago Erin gave birth to the girl by the name of Abbie. The hostess worried as Bailey will react to addition of the new family member. But she also could not present what will occur …

Bailey at once fell in love with the girl and became her best friend. Every time when little Abbie reads the book, Bailey nestles on it to listen to fairy tales and stories.

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of the Photo: instagram.com/bailey_no_ordinary_cat/

А Hanna appeared two years ago. And Bailey it was happy to make friends with the baby again. Ahead they have many pleasant moments.

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of the Photo: instagram.com/bailey_no_ordinary_cat/

Бейли – a kind tender cat who feels mood of all family members. And for children of the favourite hostess became both the friend, and the careful nurse. Erin never regretted that she once picked up her.

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