• Jan 15, 2020
knows Terry's

: a quiet time – a thing useful both for people, and for cats. The man comes every day to a cats shelter in the American State of Wisconsin as the volunteer.

photo: people.com

Is the place strongly differs from usual shelters: there are no cages, and euthanasia does not practice. The foundress of a shelter Elisabeth Feldkhauzen remembers that Terry for the first time found their half a year ago. He told that he would like to come and help to comb out animals.

Since then lodgers of a shelter, many of which suffer from physical or mental disorders, communicate with it every day till some hours. Often it happens that comb-out of the sleeping canine friend as a result lulls also Terry. But clients do not make a claim, on the contrary, with pleasure use an opportunity to luxuriate near the warm and cozy person.
photo: people.com

"I would tell that it really kind and very modest. It as though the grandfather for all of us – both for employees, and for cats".

A still Terry gains popularity on social networks. Recently on Facebook placed a post about his love to cats, and shared it already whole 15 thousand users. Terry was noticed sleeping at work more than once. But these moments are very useful to lodgers of a shelter. Spending time with such volunteers, animals learn to be socialized, so, become more attractive to potential owners.
photo: people.com
is so well familiar with cats from a shelter now that studied their character, can tell workers of a shelter that it is pleasant to them or it is not pleasant. Experts in turn select special approach to each lodger and create convenient space for animals while those wait for new owners.

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