• Sep 20, 2019

to Stewart from Seattle 56 years, and he is fond of birds how many itself remembers. Nevertheless, even after so many years of observation of birds, one couple of crows managed very strongly it to surprise.

Stewart feeds up several years family of four crows — mother, the father and their two crows who built a nest directly opposite to his house, on a fir-tree. And recently grateful crows … brought it in reply several real gifts!

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photo: boredpanda.com

They left for it fir-tree branches, each of which was accurately passed throughout a uvula from a cover of an aluminum jar from under soda. Crows not just threw to Stewart the found things, it seems, they really tried to give his gift beautiful and unusual.

"It is not simply generous, this real creativity, art. I am struck" — Stewart admires.

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photo: boredpanda.com

Once when kids crows were still absolutely little, Stewart found out that they dropped out of a nest. Poor creatures were urgently lifted back. Such intervention, of course, not strongly was pleasant to feathery parents. But from that day Stewart and his family also began to feed up the neighbors on a fir-tree.

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photo: boredpanda.com

Generally they eat a dry cat's feed, but flatly refuse, for example, corn. Stewart learned to distinguish when carrion crows family hungry, as well as they learned to show accurately to the human friend that it would be time already and to eat.

The raven father, it seems, was once wounded, and now he jumps only on one pad. Therefore it is very easy to distinguish it from other family members.

It seems, after such unique case of "podarkodareniye" even the most convinced sceptics will not have doubts in what crows after all clever beings.

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