• Jan 24, 2020

One night, Jacqueline and her guy went to drugstore to buy a few cold medicine. But, except drugs, home they brought a black plastic package which Jacqueline noticed near a walking path. Something white stuck out of a package.

When steam in it glanced, to their shock there was no limit – in a package there was a cage, and in it sat, having contracted in a lump, a hamster, scared and absolutely frozen.
photo: Thedodo.com
specially left the Door in a cage open. Most likely, that the animal could get out. Only the former owners of the kid did not think over one moment – chances of a domestic hamster to survive to one are equal in the nature to zero.
did not know Jacqueline's
in what state there is an animal and whether it will be able to survive. But she knew one precisely – it is impossible to leave it on the street. So, by a lucky chance, there were at Jacqueline houses, in heat and a cosiness.
the Guest whom called Hamtaro at first was rather afraid of the saviors a little, but very soon got used to them and understood that they will not do the harm to it. Jacqueline right there contacted the sister and asked it to bring means for care of rodents.
of Steam first of all examined a hamster to make sure that he is healthy. Fortunately, the only thing that they noticed, is the small pulled-out wool scrap at it on a back.
photo: Thedodo.com
Already at this moment of Jacqueline understood what Hamtaro gentle and as it quickly trusted in it. He did not try to escape or bite saviors at all, and just quietly sat on hands, grateful for the fact that to it showed care and did not leave one on the cold street. Hamtaro finally and irrevocably found to himself the loving house.
It lives several months with couple and enjoys in every afternoon with them, and still it has a sister dog by nickname Hazel. Jacqueline allows Hamtaro to have a good time, letting him to a floor in a special ball for hamsters and is attentive watching it.
photo: Thedodo.com
helps to look after too the new brother while he joyfully explores all territory available to it.
– the most playful and loveful family member. Such little, but such darling, he gives all a lot of joy and every day reminds that a little kindness did not prevent anybody yet, kindness already changed so many lives to the best!

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