• Jan 22, 2020

the Strange story about human kindness and unpredictability of life occurred this winter.

the girl by the name of Elena together with the husband went One December evening across snow-covered Moscow as suddenly the dog who is alone going straight on the busy road caught sight to them. The dog was so tired and frozen that did not pay absolutely any attention to the cars rushing by.

dog, sheep-dog, dog, pet, German shepherd


It as if reconciled to the destiny and went to death.

Here only Elena could not allow a dog to die. Having realized that there is no time for thoughts, the girl with the husband took extreme measures: closed a dog the car, having driven into an oncoming lane.

having Somehow coped with a dog and having seated her in a luggage carrier, young people went home to save the stiffened animal where they were already waited by 6 pets: 4 dogs, cat and rabbit.

12 hours Later, already in heat when the snow layer and ice from hair of a dog formed a huge pool under it, turned out that frozen something, alone going along the road, is a beautiful girl sheep-dog.

sheep-dog, dog, dog, German shepherd, flowers, tulips, pet


named the Dog Mischa and, without feeding special hopes, began to look for owners. As well as young people assumed, nobody looked for a dog. And Mischa's condition spoke for itself: frightening leanness, a tumor and the teeth which are ground off to gums confirmed that the dog had a difficult life.

Quickly and, the main thing, absolutely imperceptibly Mischa became the full member of family of Elena. It seemed, all behind and now it is possible to relax.

However the girl much all surprised with

when it turned out that she is pregnant. In it five hearts measuredly fought.

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Elena with the husband, people of surprising kindness, could not get rid of puppies and made the decision that the dog will give birth. Here so their family increased by 5 remains.

This story about bravery, kind hearts and readiness to come to the rescue. But it is only one party of a medal.

Looking at this situation on the other hand, everything is already not so iridescent. Life in the apartment with 7 pets is not so easy and has the shortcomings. And when there are 5 more puppies, it becomes 5 times heavier, not only physically and financially, but also morally.

That December evening Elena helped the dog who is on the verge of death. It saved life.

puppy, dog, dog, pet, pet


is possible, now our turn to help Elena? At the girl 5 healthy, active and beautiful puppies grow up: 4 boys and 1 girl who will become beautiful pets. And each of them needs the loving family which will surround them with caress and care.

girl, puppies, dog, dog, pet, pet, pet, open-air cage


If to you the kid attracted, come soon to get acquainted! You will be heartily welcomed by heroes of our history: Elena with the husband, Mischa, 6 more pets and 5 jet puppies.

If to you puppies attracted, write Elena to Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elena_verty

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