• Aug 13, 2019

This story several days, and it already caused a squall of comments, various judgments and opinions.

A Labrador Mr. Snow lived with family and walked on the farm in the Oshmyansky district of Belarus. The other day the Labrador did not come back home. As it appeared, he was picked up along the passing not indifferent people are dear and transferred to volunteers to Minsk.

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The hostess Ekaterina sheltered the Labrador in the fall, before the dog roamed about vicinities, exhausted and thrown. Ekaterina's family decided to take away a dog to itself.

Now the situation is thus: the Minsk zoodefenders refuse to give to the hostess a dog without obligatory castration.

As Mr. Snow has no chip, Ekaterina should prove in militia the fact "possession" a dog by means of witnesses.

While the parties argue and actively prove the positions in media and social networks very few people think of the Labrador who is in a stressful situation far from the house.

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Each party, certainly, will take out for itself from this story some information or will draw the conclusions. Even, if the hostess is not right that she did not chipirovat a dog (though is not present in Belarus of the law obliging to do it) and allowed self-walking, we will consider the fact that it is the Farm and whether much we meet in villages of the chipirovanny and castrated dogs?

We very much hope for the fast decision of this conflict which will be made taking into account "interests" of the Mr. Snow, each animal has a right not to be exposed to a severe stress and not to feel fear while people solve who is right and who is guilty.

And what you think of current situation? To us your opinion is important.

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