• Jan 20, 2021

This innocent kid fell a victim of domestic violence. There is such type of people who are not ready to assume responsibility, as well as are not ready to accept own weakness, to recognize a mistake, to try to correct it. It is simpler to disguise, become silent and to admit to nobody, to blame people around for everything.

For example, that the decision to take the pet, was too precipitate. Recoup on the pet. Are tortured over him on the quiet behind the closed door, but at people try to seem from the best side. The danger is that it is impossible to save an animal from mockeries because there are no proofs. But this woman surprised all.

The mistress of a young Dobermann terrier made a public statement. To the pet who also is not two years old remained to nobody necessary. The love quickly was replaced with anger. Now the Dobermann terrier is nasty to the woman. Moreover, she threatens to lull him. And day cannot be in his company any more. Vents all the anger for the wrong decision-making on the same defenseless pet. The hostess admitted that she regularly beats him. She explains with punches and kicks to him the position. With such outcome the dog or will die of beatings, or the woman really will lull it.


Малыша is incredibly a pity for 100 vw. It deserved nothing such bestiality in relation to itself(himself). Absolutely healthy both physically, and morally dog. At first he took hatred for the benefit, and then bothered it. He began to snap. Growl somehow helps it to frighten off the malicious woman and forces to stop her mockeries. You know, that's it in such situation, probably, for the first time we can justify aggression. When the person who fed bathed, put you to bed since the earliest childhood, being the only kindred spirit in a flash begins to hate you and to beat fiercely, the soil crumbles under the feet. The guy should be saved! Temporary overexposure or already the house — it is unimportant. It is really threatened by death …

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