• Nov 11, 2019

Lulu, the Yorkshire terrier girl weighing less than 1 kilogram, thanks to the 15-year-old hostess Cecilia escaped from sharp claws of a hawk.

Photo: yanita.ru

Two terriers just walked in the yard when one of dogs suddenly became is disturbing to bark. It strongly disturbed the hostess who, having looked out in a window, at first did not believe the eyes. The huge bird of prey tried to fly up from little Lulu in claws.

Video: people.com

Cecilia grabbed the next pillow and rushed to the aid of a dog. After several blows by a pillow, the hawk nevertheless gave up, released Lula and flew away.

First of all the small doggie was brought to the veterinarian to be convinced that she did not get any wounds. Fortunately, the hawk did not put it any serious damages, and Lulu will very soon be restored after attack.

After incident Cecilia understood that never you should leave pets unguarded.

"We thought that the yard behind our house is the safest for them the place. But now it is obvious that it is always necessary to hold at least a door opened, just in case. It is necessary to watch them constantly".
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