• Jan 15, 2020

When ran over Stephanie to the new house 6 years ago, she also did not expect that her life will change so strongly. She noticed the modest cat who was periodically looking at it because of trees from the other side of the street. He all did not cease to appear near her house.

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Stephanie remembers:

"I asked about it at neighbors. And I was told that it was left here by his previous owners when moving 4 years before I drove to the new house".

The cat was fed up by many of neighbors, also Stephanie so decided to arrive. After that he began to come regularly to her house every day.

At first he did not even touch food until Stephanie comes into the house.

He cautiously got on a porch, quickly swallowed food and quicker was on the lam. So proceeded about a year.

photo: lovemeow.com

"Gradually, he began to be late at me in the yard. The main thing – that I did not go outside. I built to it a small self-made lodge from a box and warm blankets. Through some time he understood that this good place that in safety to wait bad weather and cold nights".

"When he began a little more me to trust, he could even lie on the lodge during the day and just enjoy tranquility".

Over time, the cat learned the schedule of lunches and began to approach closer and closer a porch waiting for food.

photo: lovemeow.com

"I talked to him, and he quickly enough got used to my voice".

And one morning Stephanie woke up and, having approached to the door, saw something that did not expect at all – her friend sat directly on a porch and stared at it. Trying to constrain the joy of such event not to frighten off the guest, it moved slowly and accurately.

"I carefully bent and gently stroked it on the head and on ears. He right there fell on a back and allowed to stroke to himself a tummy. From that day he officially became my Friend".

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Having earned a little more more it trust, Stephanie could bring the Friend to survey to the veterinarian. There at it found a virus of an immunodeficiency at which cats, fortunately, live long and happily if they well look after them.

"It is a little more later, it began to come into the house and to sleep inside during cold nights. So, he gradually got used to the house".

"When I won it more it trust, and it began quietly to be allowed to iron itself(himself), I presented it its first toy with feathers. He was in the seventh heaven, jumped and coiled as soon as could that it to catch".

photo: lovemeow.com

The friend found to himself hobby – to sit on a window sill and to look at the birdies running on the yard and little squirrels.

"When I for the first time took it on hands, he just thawed and began to purr as the motor".

"Now when he does not elicit food at strangers, the Friend became the terrible fastidious person in food. He eats only a forage from cans, and it is necessary that in it there was a lot of gravy. Usually he even licks gravy, leaving food pieces in a bowl".

"It was very pleasant to observe how it turned from the scared modest person into the playful and loving cat. Well and, of course, now he very well eats".

Last year the Friend finally decided that he does not want to be a street cat any more. Now he is absolutely house animal and as speaks to Stephanie, lives as the real king.

"We are familiar with it 6 years, and, actually, it is hard to say which of us to whom helped more. It fills my heart with immense happiness. And I am very glad that it trusted in me".

photo: lovemeow.com

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