• Feb 6, 2019

. Often she presents riddles which it is difficult to understand not only to ordinary people, but also researchers. For example, there are animals who change the floor. With scientists did not manage to explain long time the reason of such transformations, but researches which were conducted for the last years allowed to understand the nature of so unusual feature of representatives of fauna.

What Animals Change the Floor

Animals hermaphrodites

Many animals are forced to mask under representatives of an opposite sex only for self-preservation. However there are types which are capable to change in the most real way sex. are included Into the list of animals who for fun or quite seriously change a floor:

Animal Gemofrodita

  • cuttlefishes;
  • podvyazochny snakes;
  • clownfish;
  • gubany-cleaners;
  • sea shoes;
  • hyena.

Water representatives

What Animals Can Change a Floor

Cuttlefishes are known to mankind from antiquity. Earlier people wrote with the ink made of these mollusks. Now it turned out that males of these water inhabitants are surprising to deceivers and. During the marriage period the male changes a half of color of a body. To a female it turns the "men's" party, and to competitors — the party painted in color of a female. Thus the sly fellow avoids the excess competition.

Males of podvyazochny snakes do not change color, they just imitate a smell of females. Long time the reason of such behavior was unknown. It appears, males freeze after hibernation.

to be warmed in the snake ball consisting of the male tribespeople who are looking after females to them and it is necessary to pretend to be female individuals.

Known to all kids animation Mutely too can turn into a female. The strict hierarchy reigns in groups of clownfish. The dominating couple is responsible for reproduction. All other members of pack can be only men. Interesting feature is that males of these small fishes can contain growth that by the sizes not to compete with the leader. If the female leader perishes, her spouse changes a floor, and the largest male of pack becomes his new partner.

The Unusual Animals Changing the Floor

Gubany-chistilshchiki are the best friends of all sea predators. Moray eels and sharks, mackerels and tunas wait when these "hospital attendants" clear their skin of parasites. Work of a flock is monitored by the main male. In case of his death the vacant place is taken by the largest female of group. It turns into a male.

Sea shoes, without having natural enemies, quickly extended in Europe. They are not mobile and form colonies on stones and sinks of oysters. These pyramids have the hierarchy. In the basis steadily there are adult females, and the top is decorated by the youngest males.

By the way, are born all mollusks males, and turn into individuals of an opposite sex only with age. For this reason the middle of a pyramid consists of the sea shoes which are at different stages of sex change.

of the Hyena with nonconventional orientation

Long was considered that hyenas are homosexual animals. In addition to their already bad reputation it was unsurprising by . They:

  • dig out graves;
  • hypnotize the victim a look;
  • change a floor.

However from all this turned out to be true only the last statement. The full matriarchy reigns in families of hyenas. Females are so aggressive that testosterone at them just reads off scale. It directly affected appearance of their genitals.

Visually it is almost impossible to distinguish heterosexual animals. Because of it people also began to believe that of a hyena concern homosexual animals .

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