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To the Japanese spitz-dogs I had no dogs, only ordinary "noble" cats. But, as well as many, I dreamed of a dog. I very much liked Samoyeds, but for the apartment they are krupnovata. Still I liked the Pomeranian spitz-dogs, but too not that … And once on the Internet I saw the Japanese spitz-dog — and the mosaic developed: white, fluffy and spitz-dog!

The breed still rare — in the country lives in Belarus about 20 Japanese spitz-dogs.

Japanese Spitz-dog of a Photo
On a photo: Japanese spitz-dog

Character of the Japanese spitz-dog

The Japanese spitz-dog — the real dog partner. They are madly chelovekooriyentirovanny, betrayed and loving. When the host, the Japanese spitz-dog — all the time at his legs. But at the same time they are not persuasive. Just are present nearby and enjoy that see the owner.

Observations of the manufacturer: This breed — a great choice for family, they perfectly concern children, including small. If to explain to the child that the doggie cannot hurt, no problems will exist. The Japanese spitz-dog — a tender, delicate, patient dog, she will never offend the child. My own child grew with these dogs, and everything was excellent.

Japanese Spitz-dog and Child of a Photo
On a photo: puppy of the Japanese spitz-dog

In our house still there lives a cat, and she too never suffered from dogs. We have no birds therefore I can tell nothing, but think that with them the conflicts would not be too.

The Japanese spitz-dog — active, very positive dog.

Initially spitz-dogs are sentry dogs. Their task — to notice danger and to give a vote, is some kind of "calls". But at the same time in literature such name of the Japanese spitz-dog as "a silent Asian spitz-dog" often meets, and in the standard makes a reservation that the shumlivost is inadmissible. Therefore if to compare to other breeds, they not brekhlivy, not pustolayka, but like to talk.

Alone they miss. Of course, the apartment will not be carried and the door from loops will not be removed, but can be shkodit by youth — however, within limits.

Japanese Spitz-dog of a Photo
On a photo: Japanese spitz-dog

Education and training of the Japanese spitz-dog

The Japanese spitz-dogs are dogs intellectual, legkovospituyemy and perfectly giving in to training.

In Russia the Japanese spitz-dogs successfully act in circus, in the Baltics they take part in dog agility and often win.

At us in Vitebsk of platforms for sports activities is not present, but from one of our dogs, Stefoy, we completed course UGS.

The Japanese Spitz-dog in Photo Overalls
On a photo: Japanese spitz-dog

Care of the Japanese spitz-dog

The Japanese spitz-dogs not especially love dirt, but also are not afraid, during a rain we walk without problems.

In the winter the Japanese spitz-dogs do not freeze, but in wet, dirty time we put on raincoats because completely to wash a dog after each walk quite troublesome.

The Japanese spitz-dogs are accustomed to walking without problems. All this not diaper decorative breed, but a full-fledged dog, and they need full walking: 2 (and 3 are better) once a day.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: Big physical activities are not necessary for the Japanese spitz-dogs, but they like to take a walk. In the morning they have enough 15 minutes on hygienic walk, and in the afternoon and in the evening half an hour — is desirable to take a walk hour. But when we go out of town, they are ready to rush the whole day is very hardy dogs.

In general, care of the Japanese spitz-dog simple.

Minimum grooming. Unlike many other related breeds, do not cut the Japanese spitz-dogs, the accurate "cat's pad" only becomes.

Recommendation of the manufacturer: If to compare to the German spitz-dogs, then wool at the Japanese spitz-dogs absolutely of other quality, and in usual life it does not koltunitsya. For usual leaving it is enough to wash up, dry a dog the hair dryer once a month and to comb. For a month of it it is enough.

After the street it is rather simple to wash up pads. If on the street a bad weather, a rain and dirt, and a dog walked without overalls — we rinse with water of a paw and wool on a stomach.

Wool at the Japanese spitz-dogs self-cleaning. If we come to the dacha, they, happens, become chocolate color. While the earth crude, it on wool keeps, but when dries, dirt falls off itself — and a dog clean again. Dirty icicles never hang on wool, even dirty, crude wool never has an unpleasant smell of a dog.

The molt at the Japanese spitz-dogs seasonal, and is the only problem in the content of this breed because they fade plentifully. Boughs fade more often — also before a techka. During a molt the dog needs to be combed out carefully that there were no koltun.

For combing it is desirable to use a crest with the turning cloves and a slicker brush.

The Japanese Spitz-dog Plays a Photo Ball
On a photo: Japanese spitz-dog

Health of the Japanese spitz-dog

The Japanese spitz-dog — breed rather new, in Belarus the first dogs appeared in 2010. And exactly thanks to the fact that breed young, it is not spoiled yet by unfair "razvedenets". They have no genetic diseases.

Of course, it is desirable for dogs who are used for cultivation to do tests for a patella and diseases of eyes, but it already on conscience of the manufacturer.

Observations of the manufacturer: They are not inclined to allergies, but because of a white color the slightest defect is noticeable at once. Therefore main "scourge" of breed — the current eyes. As a rule, the reason — food allergy though there can be also anatomic reasons. It is necessary to pick up the forage suitable specifically this dog .

Feeding of the Japanese spitz-dog

Of course, all dogs prefer natural food, but troublesome to feed white spitz-dogs with "naturalka" therefore our dogs eat a dry feed.

What owner is necessary to the Japanese spitz-dog

The Japanese spitz-dog will suit any person. He can keep the company to the elderly person in slow walks on the park and play sports with active young people, go hiking.

The ideal owner — the person who loves dogs and who has time and desire to look after the pet. Whatever trouble-free the dog was, she needs to pay attention and time.

Puppies of the Japanese Spitz-dog of a Photo

On a photo: puppies of the Japanese spitz-dog

of the Photo of the Japanese spitz-dogs from personal archive of Alla Voronetskaya "

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