• Jan 24, 2020

New Year's Eve miracles happen, and today in a profile the volunteer Alexander we read to a target= remarkable news: To the jolly-boat found family! The dog who so long lived without owner at last had a chance and hope!

Photo: instagram.com/sobakafun
cared For the Jolly-boat Alexander and not indifferent people who fed a sobaken and allowed to spend the night at an entrance, but it all the same was one.

Photo: instagram.com/sobakafun
Yes, of the Jolly-boat is waited by the long road to Germany, the period of adaptation and accustoming to new people, but to his lives surely there will be a joy, love and friendship! And while the Jolly-boat expects in zoohotel of a trip to Germany, Sasha very much asks to help to understand subtleties and nuances of transportation of dogs to this country. Who has an experience, respond, please, in comments! Will help Sasha and the Jolly-boat to reach Germany without adventures!

Video: instagram.com/sobakafun

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