• Oct 2, 2018


About a month ago Dzhiyan from Malaysia went on a lunch when suddenly something drew its attention. On the edge of the road the little kitten lay. It seemed, he practically could not move. Having approached closer, Dzhiyan found out that at the baby the leg is wounded and it has no forces even to peep and ask about the help.

By a kitten there passed so many people for that day! Mother cat it was not visible too anywhere. Understanding that the baby will not survive one, Dzhiyan gently took her in an armful and hurried to find it the help.

photo: lovemeow.com

The rescuer tells:

"It turned out that she is about 3 weeks old from a sort, and she weighed only 260 grams. She had a leg dislocation".

As there was a girl still absolutely small, was decided that the leg will be restored itself in process of her recovery in the new house. Dzhiyan, little knowing about care of kittens, was necessary to learn quickly everything and to feed the saved baby on hours. "I was without concept as how to do. But I was very much helped by video tutorials on youtube".

photo: lovemeow.com

The first few days the girl refused to eat and was strongly frightened. Dzhiyan did not depart from her and tried to calm her. Gradually, a kitten got used to the person and relaxed. Soon she began to eat and even to purr.

A kitty called "Tiger". In a week after rescue, on the injured Tigra's leg found quite big consolidation.

Dzhiyan says:

"Fortunately, we showed it to the veterinarian in time".

With support of the doctor and drugs, the Baby Tigra quickly was on the mend. In a week it became more active to use a sore leg. And when she at last absolutely recovered, to games and bustle there was no limit. Dzhiyan told that Tigra becomes more and more playful, curious and very much becomes attached to people.

"It has such big round eyes, and she constantly purrs and requires to herself attention. Surely comes to sleep to hands".

Now to Tigra 7 weeks. It grows at happy, healthy and a little playful kitten. Her leg was completely restored, and she runs and any other kitten jumps also easily, as well as.

"It rushes on the house at the speed of light. We adore it".

photo: lovemeow.com

Dzhiyan never also thought that she will sometime pick up a small lump which will so skillfully steal her heart on the street.

The baby Tigra endured a lot of things and now tries to make sure that her person always has a company in her face not to feel alone.


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