• Jan 15, 2020

Animals by nature help us and warm us with the heat, but little Merrik from a shelter has also the unusual gift.

Rick was brought by Merrika home from a shelter when only learned that she has a diabetes. She at all also did not think to get a cat, everything turned out somehow spontaneously.

"I at first sight fell in love with him and at once took away home. He then was only 8 weeks old from a sort. Merrik strongly to me became attached from the very beginning and was always near.

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After several months of life in the house, Merrik suddenly began to feel and understand when at his hostess sugar in blood begins to fall sharply.

Merrik, though absolutely unexercised, began to warn independently to Rick that sugar went down, and it occurred at night when Rick could not notice signs.

"It begins to mew, lick and push me with a nose in lips and a nose until I at last wake up".

Often Rick wakes up itself, feeling that something is not right. But already two times when it slept absolutely tight, Merrik's attention saved it life.

"It literally saved me twice when the level of sugar fell to dangerous indicators and I could not wake up. Merrik woke my husband who then could give me medicine".

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But Merrik not only saves lives, but also lightens the mood. Rick says that he is just improbable fan of hugs and always comes to it when it is restored after jump of level of sugar.

But on it history does not come to an end! Rick sent a story about Merrika-spasatelya in the local organization holding the annual competition among animals. Winners receive grants which can send to any organization for rescue of animals at their choice.

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Rick and Merrik became winners this year, having won rather big sum which was sent to a shelter from where Rick and took away once home the wonderful favourite.

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