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U of all a very famous sad situation in California where already long time the continuous fires which left many people and animals without house rage.
of These two kittens – one black, and red – found another in one of affected buildings and saved from direct tongues of flame.
Sheila – one of rescuers of animal (volunteers), joined saving group to help injured animals and birds.
photo: lovemeow.com
Initially the message arrived not about kittens at all, and about two lost horses who ran from the fire.
Having arrived to the place, Sheila and other volunteers were impressed by that, how strongly everything is destroyed by fire around. However rescuers got it together and began to load horses into trailers.


In the territory was noticed two more kittens and a cat, most likely, their mother. At the sight of people kittens quickly jumped and hid back in the special furnace for burning of a tree, fortunately, idle.
Is possible, mother cat specially hid kids in the furnace to protect them from dangerous coyotes. And as a result the furnace saved them life when wildfire burst.
photo: lovemeow.com
When people approached the furnace, the cat escaped. But it was necessary to continue a saving mission all the same. Having a little looked in the furnace hands, from it pulled out at first one, and then the second kitten.
Sheila says
"The fact that from fire they were saved by the furnace for burning is very ironic".
Kids were frightened and did not understand what occurs, having nestled to each other in carrying. Kittens were brought to the safe place – the special center shelter for cats where they were examined at once by veterinarians.
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"Wrapped up them in warm towels there and put a dropper. But warned that there is a high probability that the red kitten will hardly hold on the next night".
of Kittens called proceeding from color of their hair and circumstances from which they were saved — Coal and Phoenix. Coal – is less and more weakly, and Phoenix – the little defender of the brother.
photo: lovemeow.com
"At Phoenix were obviously singed short moustaches, wool and pads. It very diligently protected the brother who as a result was left absolutely without burns. Even during the first night in a shelter Phoenix tried to cover with the body of the Piece of coal".


Workers of a shelter assume that so occurred also during the fire: "It most likely covered with the body the brother to protect it from a flame".
photo: lovemeow.com
to Reach the places which were injured from fire absolutely hardly, but the saving group nevertheless made sure that mother cat who remained with the destroyed building is fed up and look after it.
photo: lovemeow.com
A two kids already recover and gain strength. The phoenix very much cares for the brother. They are the best friends, do not pour water.
live In a shelter already nearly 50 cats, 3 birds, a chameleon and an iguana.
provide All of them heat and safety. The phoenix and the Piece of coal really fell into good hands from which, we hope, will go to the loving house soon.
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