• Jan 15, 2020

2 months ago several little kittens got to a shelter in California. Among them there was also Chester with serious injuries. But even in such state he did not despond and purred so loudly as soon as he could.

The representative of a shelter tells:

"As soon as we entered an office where Chester sat, he right there began to purr very loudly. He did not know that something not and that it broke a jaw. Because of its constant active purring it was often difficult for us to listen to its heartbeat"

After the jaw of the kid was operated, he went to overexposure. His temporary hostess, Mel, wrote on social networks:

"It lost four teeth, and to it removed the become lifeless fabrics and imposed seams, but now it is restored with us. It just remarkable and very gentle. So strong animals! It, perhaps, will nevermore be able to close completely a mouth, but to it it does not prevent to give all love around at all".

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While Chester recovered, in a shelter there was a kitty whom called Beatty. But, unlike it, she was awfully intimidated and was afraid of people.

On her back pads several fingers were not enough, and her tail and one ear were injured. What happened to it, it is only possible to guess.

photo: lovemeow.com

After the baby was examined by veterinarians, she joined Chester on overexposure. Kittens were such different! Chester radiated love and energy, and Beatty, on the contrary, was very timid, silent and sad.

She had no special feelings neither to cats, nor to people, but it did not stop Chester. It approached every day closer and closer Beatty until she allowed it to lie near her.

photo: lovemeow.com

In a week of life in the new house, Beatty strongly ached and could not even raise the head. Mel brought it for the help to the veterinarian at once, having taken with itself and Chester as moral support. It turned out that as a result of loss of fingers on a pad, at Beatty the infection developed.

When the baby came back home in several days of treatment, she first of all ran to Chester. It right there began to lick her, appear, joyfully welcoming her houses.

photo: lovemeow.com

Since then, two kittens are simply unseparable. All of them do together: play, relax side by side and sleep. Chester very much helps Beatty when she is frightened unfamiliar sounds, calms her.

If suddenly couple has to be divided at least for several minutes, Beatty desperately calls Chester. Mel tells that once it took out Chester on the sun after a small portion of vitamin D. Her husband very soon left to them and asked them to return back because Beatty strongly missed the friend, plaintively mewing.

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They support each other in any situation. When Chester could not go because of an injury of a hip, Beatty brought it toys directly under a nose that it was not boring for it. In turn, Chester very much of Beatty helps to relax and feel safe.

So, kids supplement each other lives. They do not leave for a minute and look together very happy!

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