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This kitten call Heiko, and it was born not absolutely usual.

Heiko was born with the split lip and the bent jaw. But, when the girl Nilyufer from Turkey saw record about it on the Internet, its atypical lines did not prevent it to make the decision on taking it home at all.

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One eye at the kid a braid. However, despite all the "shortcomings", Heiko does not consider himself unlike other kittens.

Nilyufer tells:

"As soon as I brought it home, he made friends with other my cat at once. And every evening before going to bed he should be embraced strong".

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photo: lovemeow.com

Heiko has one very interesting feature. When he sleeps, he clasps with pads a sofa, a bed, an armrest, the human mother or any other thing on which he settled. So he sleeps every time — both at night, and in the afternoon.

Its favourite vacation spot – armrests on a sofa, they have just the form which is ideal for embraces.

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photo: lovemeow.com

Preparing for sleeping, Heiko straightens a pad and so, embracing the bed (than it was), peacefully falls asleep.

The kid spends with the hostess much time. When they have together a rest on a sofa, Heiko conveniently embraces his soft corner and and goes to the valley of dreams.


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photo: lovemeow.com

Heiko – the kitten spoiled by love. The hostess surely pays every day to the kid attention and irons it while it gives her the signature embrace.

And when it lies on beds, its favourite business – to stretch on it as much as possible and to include hind legs in embrace. The main thing – to take as much as possible place.

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photo: lovemeow.com

Now Heiko 4 months, and all that time which he spent with the hostess was entirely filled with its soft hugs.

The kitten feels in heat and comfort when he in a dream twists something or somebody with pads. And Heiko considers that it is the most correct way to have a rest.

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photo: lovemeow.com

Even when they with the hostess watch film, Heiko does not forget how it is important not to forget her to embrace strong.

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