• Jan 15, 2020

Kind people will never turn away from those who need the help. And Simona from South Africa decided to help the baby little squirrel who fell from a tree and was absolutely alone.

"It was still all rozovenky and absolutely bald, days 5-6 from a sort. Cold as ice, she called mother, but that behind it did not return".

perfectly understood that to one baby not to survive. Therefore she took it home and named it – Dingeti.

Photo: boredpanda.com

"To raise a squirrel – a task not from simple. The first several weeks each hour was necessary to feed her. Even at night I put to myself the alarm clock".
for three months Simona carried a little squirrel with herself for work and held it closer to heat.

"I built it a lodge from a box from under footwear with warm blankets inside, but she refused to sleep there. It liked to be near me, and she still sleeps on my bed".

Photo: boredpanda.com
"It always traveled with us, walked about on a car interior and got to us on shoulders. It very much was pleasant to it".
was ready that sooner or later her favourite should be released back on the nature. But when time has come, Dingeti just did not want to leave. When she for the first time spent a little time on the street, it returned back to the rescuer soon. But, having fallen in love with fresh air, Dingeti began to walk every day.

"It always comes home by the evening".

A Dingeti came back home once with unusual news. She was pregnant and began to construct a nest directly in the house, using toilet paper. She gave birth to the kid by nickname El Misti which Simona with pleasure helped to raise.

Photo: boredpanda.com
Now a baby squirrel of El Misti already absolutely big, and Simona has
the whole two fluffy best friends!

Photo: boredpanda.com

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