• Feb 10, 2020

In January, 2020 near Kerch eyewitnesses found a live walking skeleton. Other words cannot just be picked up, looking at this dog. At first you see his sticking-out well looked through edges but only then — a dog. So he was thin that he was nicknamed a live skeleton.

the Bulldog — breed strong, capricious, fighting. Breed for proud and independent. The breed filling with dread also frays before all. The breed causing feeling of the power in its owner.

the Found dog on the remote outlines belongs to this breed. And once, probably, he was a big reason for pride of the owner. But now, apparently, its time passed. Terribly exhausted, dehydrated, bitten by living creatures, tormented, hardly live found on a garbage can literally. It was wound several months wound on villages, nobody showed a bit of generosity at least on the picked bone.

On appearance the dog lived enough. In the eyes the noticeable veil, wool any more not such brilliant and teeth far do not radiate with health. But at the same time the dog easily makes contact with people, is socialized to animals.

It is felt that it very long belief and the truth served the family which is once loving it. His youth, humility, a strong body and stateliness were with interest dissipated. And now, when all charm of breed died away, need for a dog was considerably lowered.

the Body of a dog is the real bag of bones and the shrunk skin. And those pathetic pieces of long loaf which got to it passersby will hardly support unfortunate, but it is its only ration. And another at the poor fellow is not expected, and most it will be possible to get already hardly. Simply-not easy the old man will not have enough forces.

On skin there is no live place, everything is bitten by fleas and ticks. The grown nails, dirty ears … Option one — the ailing old man was released. Probably, that he came to the dog old age and the coming death in full vagrant loneliness.

to Return to a dog gold years of youth already hardly at someone it will turn out, and it is possible to provide it a nourishing warm and careful old age — it still. Having endured such stress, the old man was very lucky. Having learned about this story, volunteers rushed to a bulldog to the aid. And now he has a shelter, food and the minimum leaving.

All of us understand, it is difficult to take a dog home, understanding that her days are numbered. The dog is really old and weak. New owners will be difficult to be found to him. But, for certain, having read its biography, there will be not indifferent hearts ready him occasionally to visit the old man, to treat him with yum-yum, to pay attention, to scratch behind an ear, to give that rare caress which will brighten up its inevitably leaving time.

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