• Apr 8, 2020

young couple walked One winter evening on the evening city, without suspecting that soon they will find an improbable find. On the desert street carelessly there was a cardboard box. It was possible to assume that in it unnecessary things or garbage, he is lazy left to municipal services.

But the disturbing peep, reaching from a box, stopped young people. In cardboard on the frozen earth left a little puppy. To a certain death he was doomed by the people who ruthlessly sealed a cardboard wrapper. Apogee of cruelty an inscription on a box: "my name is Asya, I am 3 months old today". As if gravestone, the phrase which was not promising hopes to a puppy on survival.


Маленькое literally left a defenseless animal without fresh air and an opportunity to be chosen to die. The baby tried to escape, but all attempts were vain. The box was densely covered. Probably, remained to the girl all a couple of hours not to die of cold and to survive. Young people became her real saviors. Attempts to attach an animal were unsuccessful. Young couple, having warmed, having fed and having bathed an animal, it was forced to ask for the help volunteers.

The new friend seemed to activists very dear and clever. The team began to examine an animal, and then to look for to him the new house. Asya so called a find. The girl is about five months old. She is very beautiful, playful, lovely, active and tender. Absolutely healthy puppy was thrown out in a box as excess stuff or unnecessary garbage.


Как will get out the baby of an imprisonment whether she will worry night without fresh air, heat, water, food and communication these questions did not interest those who placed the baby in the real torture chamber. But now with it everything will be obligatory well. At first volunteers will take care of Asya. The baby was examined, did the necessary vaccination, created the passport and look for the new house. Such beauty after the felt shock it will become obligatory the most grateful dog in the world new family for which she very much waits.

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