• Nov 30, 2018


Ernie, one-year-old and very vigorous dog, he spent more than two months in the territory of a shelter. Nothing was possible to make and help to find Ernie the new house. Its problem was that in family which would suit it there should not be other pets. Such requirement strongly reduces chances of a dog to find the loving family.


But this fall life of Erie cardinally changed .

One day to a shelter there arrived the mail carrier by the name of Jason who had several parcels for employees. Jason called up the walking Ernie in the furgonchik to communicate to it, that without thoughts jumped in salon and long did not want to leave it. When it nevertheless managed to be enticed from the car, Jason continued to drive about along the route. But Ernie all did not go at him out of the mind in any way.

of a photo: iheartdogs.com literally in few weeks happened to

I surprising. When Jason understood that he constantly remembers the loveful guest of the van, he talked to the family, weighed all pros and cons and decided to open doors of the house for a charming dog.

The organizational moments took several weeks as Jason wanted to take a dog in the house. While the family dealt with preparation for the new family member, Ernie patiently waited in a shelter, but already as a domestic dog. When everything was ready, Ernie at last went to the new house.

Jason says that Ernie – a dog, ideal for it.

Now two friends are unseparable. Ernie follows Jason on heels everywhere and feels just remarkably. Any dog wants to spend New Year in family. And Ernie will precisely remember such Christmas gift for a long time.

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