• Mar 8, 2019

according to physicians, the allergy to dogs is observed at every tenth inhabitant of the globe. Most often this disease is caused wool, by particles of epidermis and an excrement of animals which depending on breed contain 10−20 various allergens. Often it develops imperceptibly therefore it is important to know the first symptoms. Knowing 10 signs that you had an allergy to dogs, it is possible to take measures at the first symptoms and to prevent complications.

Symptoms of an Allergy to a Dog

Safe symptoms

Seven listed below signs are rather safe.

They can worsen health, appearance and the general quality of life, but cannot lead to serious consequences.

What Symptoms on an Allergy

  1. Dermatitis . A frequent symptom is reddening and puffiness of skin. Several hours later on affected areas small heat-spots develop.
  2. Skin itch . If after contact with a dog the skin on palms and wrists began to itch, and the itch does not pass after washing of hands, it is symptom of an allergy.
  3. Conjunctivitis . Without the visible reasons tears begin to flow, eyes itch and swell up. Whites of the eyes redden, capillaries become visible. Allergic conjunctivitis can lead to heavy inflammations of an eyeball.
  4. Allergic cold (р Internet). In everything it is similar to usual, but begins after contact with a dog.
  5. Sneezing. The irritation and an itch in a nasopharynx causing repeated sneezing are an alarming sign.
  6. Cough. The slight allergy is often shown as the irritation in a throat in the field of tonsils causing cough.
  7. Constant fatigue and irritability. This state can not be symptom of an allergy to dogs. But if it arises together with conjunctivitis, sneezing or cough is already the occasion to think.

Dangerous states

Three listed below reactions to contact with dogs are very dangerous. They often lead to a lethal outcome therefore the ambulance needs to be called immediately.

Allergy to Animals, Signs

  1. Angioneurotic hypostasis . Very dangerous state at which in a mouth and on centuries hypostases develop. In most cases they fall down one or one and a half hours later after the termination of contact with allergen. But in hard cases hypostasis can extend to a throat. In this case quite often there is a coma leading to death.
  2. Anaphylactic shock . The most dangerous sign. It is shown as the sudden nausea and weakness which are followed by a severe laryngeal edema. It becomes difficult to breathe, pressure sharply falls. Further development of a disease can lead to loss of consciousness and death.
  3. Bronchospasm . In interaction with strong allergen short wind which quickly turns into narrowing of bronchial tubes often begins. At the same time breaths are made freely, and exhalations are complicated. At a strong and long bronchospasm the organism can experience oxygen starvation. If breath is not normalized within half an hour, it is necessary to call the ambulance.

the Allergy responds to treatment therefore at identification of any of these signs it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.

Contact with an animal needs to be stopped as soon as possible.

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