• Jan 15, 2020

to Fighters for the rights of animals in Taiwan the other day had to deal with a pig in a poke. Well, or, more precisely, with a cat in a box.

the 33-year-old local man by the name of Young sent to
the Scottish lop-eared alumna to a shelter. In a box, through mail. As a result in addition for payment for transfer, Young paid additional 2 thousand U.S. dollars as a penalty for ill treatment of animals.

Photo: bbc.com

It had to give one thousand more dollars for the fact that rage inoculations did not find in a cat.

It was succeeded to find the owner and to contact him to employees of the organization for protection of animals with the help of data of post office and also records from the surveillance camera.

Young commented on a situation, having explained that it had to give a cat as it had no time any more to look after her. After it injured a leg, no treatment helped to restore an athletic ability of an animal completely. So Young also came to the decision to pack the alumna and to send to the next shelter.

Photo: bbc.com

An incident was strongly condemned and reminded that the animal can choke in insufficiently ventilated box, without food and water and in general is exposed to a severe stress.

After this situation of the power once again informed people that in case they for any reason cannot look after more the pets, then it is worth addressing directly in official shelters which will take care of their wellbeing.

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