• Feb 25, 2020

Irma is incredibly beautiful girl with the kindest eyes in the world. And, despite scrapes, did not cease to trust in life and force of human heart. The lovely creature hopelessly wandered about the street in search of food and a warm stove bench. What happened to the beauty?

Irma has incredibly hard lot. Happen, dogs are thrown by owners. And from it it is twice offensive for quadrupeds. But Irma has another story. The destiny villain forever divided them with the hostess. The woman died, and Irma transferred her to relatives. Happiness was short. Neither relatives, nor Irma derived pleasure from this communication. None of them became each other the family.


От Irma hurried to get rid and just turned her out.

Such egoism does not know a limit. What it will be pleasant to members of household to do to the adult dog who forever in the heart left only one person and it will be incredibly difficult for them to find new family most again to fall in love with the person? Who thinks of a dog at such moment? If only nobody intruded upon own leisure.


Золотистый a retriever — one of the cleverest breeds. It was initially applied in hunting. Character at such dog hardy and vigorous. Such representatives have good memory and intuition. These are very clever dogs who can bring benefit not only to the family, but also society. Gold retrievers are trained in different professions. Besides this breed just adores children and with great pleasure will look after them as the careful nurse.


Просто does not go in as the dog with such inclinations could become hated. Especially Irma is trained in all, she knows everything, is able, understands and is ready to reproduce. Very obedient and quiet, kind in soul waits for the owner to divide with it the remained mature years in full love and mutual understanding.

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