• Oct 19, 2018


Canon was remarkable, absolutely young dog of breed huskies. He enjoyed life: ate tasty food, chased cats and adored spending time with the hostess, Christie.

At it problems with health were never observed, up to that fatal Saturday when he suddenly absolutely ceased to eat and began to drink much more water, than usually. On Sunday it could not go any more and tore it. Christie immediately brought Kenon to the veterinarian.

photo: @Christy Lee Figlio/facebook

There delivered it a dropper, registered antibiotics and sent home, having warned that if suddenly the state worsens, it will need to be shown again urgently to the veterinarian on ambulance.

photo: @Christy Lee Figlio/facebook

As soon as Canon arrived home, to it it became much worse. Christie remembers that he fell, and all his body began to shiver. Only for the second time having arrived to the doctor, Christie learned an etiology – sugar substitute, xylitol (E967 nutritional supplement).

The veterinarian assumed that, perhaps, Kenon was treated with peanut butter recently, or he somewhere found chewing gum without sugar. In these products this additive is often used. Christie turned all house upside down and found the Mentos chewing candies in which and xylitol was registered as the first ingredient.

photo: Google.com

Though veterinarians also used the best efforts to save Kenon, was already late. The hostess understood that her pet any more will never be able to come back home. She had to make the difficult decision which saved Kenon from further sufferings.

Everything happened very quickly and absolutely unexpectedly. It became the real blow for all family of Christie. But now it set to itself the task to inform of the history Kenona to as it is possible the bigger number of people who even do not think that in their houses most likely it is possible to find this ingredient murderer in many products.

Can enter the list of such products:

  • toothpaste

  • mouthwash

  • chewing gum

  • (diabetic) candies without sugar

  • fruit drinks

  • purchased jam

  • some vitamin supplements.

At the dog who got poisoned with sugar substitute such symptoms as weakness and a shiver in muscles can be shown, up to impossibility to stand, and, in the final phases of poisoning, severe spasms.

Protect the canine friends!

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