• Aug 14, 2019

For anybody not a secret that presence of a cat in the house is an excellent means for fight against a stress. However in densely populated Tokyo with a crazy rhythm of life the pet is a luxury. It is forbidden to keep animals in the majority of apartments therefore for many citizens the only opportunity to spend time in the company of chetverolapy – to go to one of numerous to a kotokafa. But also it is weak replacement to the fluffy friend in the house.

However the Japanese IT of the Ferray Corporation company nevertheless managed to find the solution. To help the employees to cope with an overstrain, the office lodged nine having a tail of an animals shelter.

the Result surpassed by

all expectations. Stress level at workers considerably decreased that positively affected their efficiency, and the relations in collective became stronger as all had general "fluffy" interest.

Of course, does not do without cat's pranks. The torn documents and the gnawed-through wires – only an iceberg top. Chetverolapy employees wish to make couple of changes to the code, походив on the keyboard, or to have a sleep on a table during negotiations. all sins are ready to forgive to

But these lovely attractive faces for their unsurpassed tselitelsky abilities.

of a photo from official twitter account Ferray cats’ Twitter account

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