• Jan 31, 2019

on leave, many do not know where to attach the pets, not each hotel allows to be in the territory with pets. But in the modern world thought up an exit for people who want not only to have a rest, but also to send for rest of the brothers smaller. The most popular hotels for animals in the world offer various services for pets where they enter the weakening massage, bubble baths and trainings with professionals.

Hotels for Animals

of the House for animals

Today in the world hotels not only for tourists, but also for their pets work. Many hotels are allowed to live in the rooms with pets, but there are also such houses which offer rest only for brothers smaller. Such for animals work at home worldwide, and some represent the whole chain of the magnificent centers at all.

Luxurious hotels

Complexes for brothers smaller which travel together with the owners are discovered every year in different places planets.

Canis Resort Hotel

One of the first hotels for pets was created in Germany under the name Canis Resort . Later owners created the whole complex of hotels under one name. In hotel there are no habitual numbers, each lodger lives in the certain house similar to the big box. The territory of "box" is surrounded with a small fence that the animal did not run away.

Service staff walk an animal behind the territory of the lodge together with other lodgers of hotel where shaggy animals play with each other.

Jet Pet Resort Hotel

The five-star hotel for animals also is in the territory of Canada in the city of Vancouver. Jet Pet Resort Hotel is famous for the suites in which there are big plasma TVs. Angular numbers in Jet Pet Resort also have panoramic windows. For lodgers enter a bubble bath with the half-hour weakening massage a complex of services.

Owners can keep in contact with an animal even at distance as the hotel provides service to a live broadcast directly from number and also once a day the pet can communicate with the owner by video conference.

Hotel with seven stars

In the United Arab Emirates the hotel under the name Urban Tails Dubai which locals and travelers compare to the most expensive hotel in the UAE Burj Al Arab opened. The complex at the same time can look after seventy dogs and forty cats. Animals are in the maximum comfort, feed pets with delicacies and render the SPA service.

Urban Tails Dubai Hotel

Each visitor has personal servants whose number can reach eight, animals also can visit the pool, gym, to listen to classical music with other lodgers or to use services of the personal driver and to sweep on a limousine, having put out a muzzle in a window. Experts together with owners develop the individual plan according to which service staff will walk an animal, to feed, embrace and iron for each pet. All this is created in order that the pet felt at home and had no stress, being left without the owner.

the Magnificent centers in the USA

The most large number of hotels for animals is in the United States of America. These hotels provide rest which can compete to habitual hotels for people.

San Francisco and New York

Practically in the center of New York the Chelsea hotel worth two hundred dollars for one night is located. The luxurious hotel provides services of the highest level. Hozyaev's can order for an animal:

Chelsea Hotel

  1. Shower or bubble bath.
  2. Washing of paws and pedicure.
  3. Painting of nails.

In the territory of Chelsea jewelry stores and boutiques with qualitative designer clothes are located. The owner together with the consultant can choose for the pet a collar from quality fabric or metal, with natural stones or gilding.

the Wags Hotel in San Francisco offers the services only for dogs. Numbers are divided depending on the size of dogs, but most of lodgers of quite big size. The more the shaggy pet, the is more room size and beds. In each number there are plasma TVs with a wide choice of movies. Even bed linen for animals is weaved from a qualitative velvet.

Los Angeles for pets

In the south of the State of California the city of Los Angeles which annually attracts thousands of tourists with the pets is located. But instead of leaving brothers smaller some in the hotel room, going on the affairs, careful owners go to Barkley hotel. This luxurious complex provides luxury rest for the shaggy lodgers. Night in such place will cost not less than two hundred dollars.

the Barkley Hotel provides to pets:

  1. Different types of massage.
  2. Trainings on racetracks and in the pool under supervision of experts.
  3. Services of beauty shop where cosmetologists do to lodgers various masks and change a hairstyle.

Numbers for dogs and cats are on the different parties of hotel that they were not crossed. For cats and kittens in numbers there are big aquariums with small fishes and big TVs on which movies about birds and sea inhabitants are broadcast.

Barkley Hotel

For the best friends of the person other services are provided. For the night it is possible to receive a large number of special treats for dogs. And also it is possible to use services of the personal driver who will bring the pet in McDonalds and will buy it hamburger.

In order that owners of pets were sure of their safety the special application where it is possible to observe about in what the pet, thanks to the surveillance cameras mounted in the territory of Barkley hotel is engaged is created.

And also one of the most expensive hotels for brothers smaller is in the territory of one of the districts of Los Angeles and has the name Hollywood . The cost of one night in the hotel room begins from two hundred twenty five dollars and depends on the bed sizes. Here actors popular around the world leave the pets. All numbers in Hollywood differ in the design, and professional veterinarians and animators for animals work in hotel.

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